About the brand

SPF is your go-to destination for vibrant resort and urban occasion wear, nestled in the bustling heart of New Delhi, India. Established as a women-led venture in 2022, we fuse decades of garment manufacturing expertise with a contemporary approach to fashion.

Mission & Values

At SPF, we're committed to crafting garments that blend craftsmanship, empowerment, and sustainability. Our ethos revolves around inclusivity and celebrating diversity, evident in every garment we create. Sustainability isn't just a choice; it's our responsibility, reflected in our eco- friendly materials and production processes.

Brand essence: Our brand resonates with the spirit of wanderlust, glamour, and unabashed celebration. Drawing inspiration from the breathtaking beauty of nature and the irresistible allure of travel, we weave a tapestry of adventure into every facet of our brand. Dive into our kaleidoscope of spirited designs, playful aesthetics, and fluid silhouettes.

Collections: Step into our vibrant realm, where our collections are aptly named Vitamin Sea, Starry Night, Sunset Soiree, Down to Earth, and Lavender Fields and aim to transport you to your favourite travel destinations. With our diverse array of styles, from resort wear to evening attire, you can embody the essence of your favourite travel spots, whether it's lounging on a sun-kissed beach, embracing the serenity of an earthy retreat, or dancing under a starry sky-all from the comfort of your own wardrobe. Each piece is designed to captivate urban millennials and global travelers alike, offering sophistication with a touch of whimsy.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP): What sets SPF apart is our dedication to celebrating your unique style journey. We embrace inclusivity, sustainability, and artisanal craftsmanship in every garment. Our versatile designs seamlessly transition from day to night, offering stylish options for every occasion. Our garments are crafted to flatter and empower individuals of all ages and sizes because confidence looks good on everyone! We also make twinning sets for couples, so coordinate your outfits with your partner and make every moment a memorable one with SPF. Our luxurious textures and styles exude both boldness and glamour and our clothing is designed to make a statement. Fresh, vibrant, and endlessly versatile, our designs capture the essence of spontaneity and celebration, inviting you to embrace each moment with confidence and undeniable style.

Join the Experience: Dive into our kaleidoscope of spirited designs, playful aesthetics, and fluid silhouettes. Join the SPF experience today and embrace life's moments with confidence and undeniable style. Because at SPF, we believe in making every outfit an unforgettable statement.

  • Sustainable

    We use locally sourced, high-quality materials (tailored to fit the Indian climate), support local artisans,and create fashion that lasts.

  • Inclusive

    Our flattering fits cater to all ages, and we celebrate every body size across the spectrum. We are dedicated to making every customer feel empowered.

  • Versatile

    Our designs reflect the dynamic nature of our brand, offering a diverse range of options for the urban and resort lifestyles.

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